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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HYP Recap & Etc.

     If you happened to come on out to the Homespun Yarn Party this past Sunday, I hope you had an awesome time. I know I did! The HYP sort of kicks of the season of festivals to me-- gets you excited for MDS&W and spring! As always the committee, vendors, advertisers, volunteers and party goers rocked! ;)

Savage Mill

      This year at HYP I was a volunteer and really enjoyed helping friends old and new unload and tear down their booths. As well as be a greeter for party-goers. It was a great day and if you're ever in the area and can make it out I highly recommend it. While at the festival I had arranged with my friend Patrick to buy his Louet Jr. drum carder. And I am happy to say it is now in my studio all set up and happy. Big thanks again to Patrick for being so generous and kind. 

What I love most about this specific drum carder is the 72 tpi (teeth per square inch)! It is more coarse than the Strauch (128 tpi) I am borrowing from Kate of Dragonfly Fibers. So I can really go nuts with the Art batts on this one. Which then leaves the Strauch carder for the smoother batts. Though, I can do art batts on it as well. But I think I will reserve the Louet Jr. for the really funky batts. Though as long as I take good care of both I can do whatever I like. Which...I do! Because I would hate to have to replace either carder. One thing I really urge all fiber/spinning enthusiasts to do is, to take care of your equipment. If you do, then they will last you generations.

     In other news... this week Kristin of the Yarngasm video podcast is having a Fibery Tribble giveaway! If you'd like to enter for her giveaway go watch the newest episode for more information. There is also a super cute watercolor print giveaway happening. So you should enter for that one too! 

     For tonight's update I've got some new Bon-Bons made from my new drum carder. But they're not the normal mini-batts so you'll just have to check them out! ( hint: I had a lot of fun making these and was VERY inspired by Macklemore! ) 

Happy Spinning!!


  1. Hello Kate!
    I have nominated you and your lovely blog for the Liebster Award. It's completely up to you if you want to play along. I understand some people don't have the time. This is my first time doing anything like this in fact!
    Please check out further details on my blog at: http://hollymarieknits.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award.html

    Have a marvelous day, my friend!


  2. Hey Holly!
    Thank you for thinking of me, I would love to play along. Please send me the details. I loved your answers to your questions on your blog. Very funny ( and I have a feeling I would have similar answers... lol )

    Thank you <3 <3 <3!!